June 22, 2020 Articles & Resources

I hope you’re having a good start to your week, especially with summer now being here!

We had a very engaging discussion on Thursday with Mark Hicken and Christine Coletta. Mark laid out the why and what of these new regulations. Christine shared about the real challenges that these changes pose in terms of lost revenue for wineries. Thanks again to Mark and Christine for sharing their perspective and expertise. 

You can catch the replay here

You can read Mark’s thoughts on the implications of the new hospitality pricing here

Congrats to Karnail Sidhu and Severine Pinte

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Karnail Sidhu of Kalala Organic Winery won the BC Grape Grower Association’s “Viticulturist of the Year Award“. I love that the BCGGA is honoring the hard work and intelligence that goes into producing top quality fruit, and congratulations to Karnail for winning this year. As consumer and industry pressure reduces the totality of inputs, quality farming will only increase in importance. 

As we mentioned last week, congrats to Sev for wining Wine Business Monthly’s “Winemaker of the Month.” It’s great to see the attention that LVP and La Stella, and thus BC, is getting. Very cool!

We’ll be sitting down with both Karnail and Sev for our “BC Vines and Wines” podcast, so stay tuned!

Articles & Resources

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Serbia: One of the Best European Wine Region You’ve Never Heard Of

I was recently in Serbia and loved the country and people. Going to the daily local farmer’s market, Serbs are a peasant people, and tasting ridiculously flavorful and aromatic produce was what finally convinced me that organic-type farming was the future. This is a very interesting article on Serbia’s long history of winemaking and it’s reinvention.

Master Sommelier Richard Betts Quits

Richard has quite the CMSA over it’s handling of the cheating scandal two years ago and it’s lack of concern for racial inequality and social justice.

Book Review: Reflections of a Wine Merchant by Neal Rosenthal

I just finished reading this book, and Rosenthal’s whimsical tales of starting a wine business in NY in the 70s. “It is clear, however, that luck frequently comes to the curious and energetic.” Yes!

Winery from Biblical Land Dispute Discovered?

This is definitely a fun one. They discovered an old winery from mid-9th century BC in Israel. 

The Latest Nielsen Numbers: Off Premise Channels up 23.8%

Interestingly sparkling wine is growing the fastest. People starting to celebrate?


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