June 15, 2020 Articles & Resources

Articles & Resources

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:


New Data on Consumer Behavior Pre & During Covid

A look at consumer survey data on why, which, what, and when they are drinking wine.  Drinking with food is a big driver and an opportunity for wineries. 

VinePair Announces “Text A Somm”

So VinePair stole my idea! Texting is an under-utilised marketing tool for wineries, and having a “somm” on speed dial is an awesome perk. It’s a big value add for club members. Just set some limits (such as time),buy a cheap phone with only texting that you or staff can use. 

The Wine Economist: Coronavirus & Recession

Mike Veseth discusses 3 questions on the coronavirus and looming recession. 

How Large Do Wineries Need to Be to Be Consistently Profitable?

An interesting look at data on New Zealand wineries, their size and profit margins. BC is always different but it’s also useful to see data on other wine regions. 


Using Competition to Manage the Vineyard

Using cover crops and apical dominance to manage vigor.

Biochar: The Next Big Thing

This article feels a little behind the time. The scientific literature (and vineyards I’ve spoken with) find the usefulness of biochar to be variable. 

Phosphorus in Viticulture & Winemaking

An in depth discussion of the role phosphorus plays in the vineyard and in making wine. 


For some reason, there was an explosion of articles on biodynamics this week. So it get’s its own section. Also, I’m not taking a stance here either way on biodynamics.

Biodynamic Farming with Rod Windrim of Krinklewood

A look at how Rob does biodynamic farming. Be warned, it’s a terrible website to read. 

The Soil Microbiome

Joshua Dunning on the soil microbiome, but he most interestingly takes biodynamics to task: “In summary, peer-reviewed research provides little evidence that biodynamic preparations improve soils, enhance microbes, increase crop quality or yields, or control pests or pathogens.”

The Problems with Biodynamics

Joshua Dunning more fully breaks down why he distrusts biodynamics. 

Two Conferences, Two Biodynamics

Craig Mapp responds to Dunning’s piece. 

A Skeptic on Biodynamics

Alder Yarrow briefly responds to both Dunning’s & Mapp’s articles. 

Our Skeptic’s Embrace of Biodynamics

A more positive take on biodyamics. 

Fun & Interesting

Severine Pinte was named Wine Business Monthly’s Winemaker of the Month.

Congrats Sev, very cool!

Attractive Explainer on Wine Aromas

Not only is this an attractive refresher on aroma  producing compounds, it’s a great share with your email list or social media followers. 

Deep in France’s Natural Wine Underground

GQ does a fun piece on natural wine in France. 


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