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He who rides a tiger cannot dismount.
-James H. Howard

James Howard was an astonishing man. A WWII fighter pilot, he was the only the only fighter pilot to receive the Medal of Honor in the European theatre. He was the only ace in two theatres, and famously (and single-handedly) fought off over 30 German planes attacking his bomber formation – shooting down as many as six fighters. His life also didn’t stop there, as he retired a general and had a successful life after the military as well.

I think about this quote often when in the thick of life. First, because the heroism and suffering that others have endured pales my own difficulties. It is an instant shot of perspective.

But also because James is reminding us that once you climb on that tiger, once accepted that responsibility and stepped into the thick of it, there’s no getting off. You have to ride that tiger until the end because getting off will bring a world of hurt – literally or metaphorically. This is an apt metaphor for parenting I think.

So, remember you’re on a tiger. And keep riding.


Here’s what’s up this email:

  1. Thursday on Competitor Marketing
  2. Session on Cover Crops?
  3. Articles & Resources You’ll Want to Read

Thursday: Can't Miss on Winery Competitor Marketing

This Thursday we’ll have a “data reveal” with Charlie Grinnell who will be sharing some fascinating information on BC wineries digital marketing. This is something you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

July 16th, 3:30 pm: Charlie Grinnell on How To Up-level Your Marketing with Competitor Intelligence

Charlie will be talking about competitor marketing intelligence. Put simply – what are other wineries doing online and how can you use that to help your winery? Charlie will be sharing data companies pay $80k/year for.

Click here to register.

Cover Crops

With re-opening Phase 3, busy tasting rooms and (finally) great weather, I think it would be a good time to do some topics that get us out of the winery and onto the vineyard.

One topic that’s been requested (and I’m very interested in), is cover crops. I’m putting together a panel for two weeks, if you have anyone who you think would be a good fit (or would recommend yourself) let me know.

As always, please reach out with any topic or guest ideas.

What I'm Reading

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Farming & Winemaking

16 things you need to know about grape vine trunk disease
Everything you need to know, a great article with Jose-Ramon of Summerland R&DC. Quick points: don’t prune in wet weather, in the Okanagan the risk period is early Spring and May to June. If you work in the vineyard, give this a read.

Waving Goodbye to Vineyard Pesticides
And saying hello to sexual confusion. 

Ripening Period Vineyard Management
The beginning is a little obvious, some interesting points about indicators and stresses at the end. 

Sustainable Winegrowing: Developing New Winegrape Varieties
Who doesn’t love new grape varieties? 

Wearable tech reduces risks of injuries in agriculture
Don’t know how useful this is yet (my activity watch is largely a gimmick), but something to keep in mind. 

Part 1: The Influence of Alcohol Content on Aroma Release in Wine Tasting
Conclusion: ethanol content influences the release of aromas and individual variation is even more important than ethanol content. Keep in mind the study sample size is only 10. 

Part 2: The Influence of Alcohol Level and Polyphenol Content on Oral Release and Persistence of Esters in Wine
Ethanol influences the release (and persistence) of 6 esters. 


What’s Wrong with “Wine Education”
Terry Theise has some ideas. 

Maximum Group Size is Still Six in Phase 3
A quick reminder from Sandra that the maximum group size is still 6. 

In Oregon, King Sees a Changed Industry
Ed King III on changes in the wine industry with Covid. 

Where Wine Brands Have Power
Some interesting data by country. Canada’s about in the middle of wine brand awareness and purchase impact.

Why have spirits brands been “more powerful” in the marketplace than wine brands?
David Morrison breaks down the weakness (and potential) of wine brands – with data.

The Russian Wine Industry from A to Z (2020)
I’ll have to see if I can hunt down some Russian wine. 

Bordeaux 2019 Opening Report, “The Value of Time”
For those who have some interest, or are looking to, what’s happening in Bordeaux.

The Rise of American Wine Pioneer Tonya Pitts
A great interview with an impressive woman. 

The Renegade Winemakers Creating Unusual Bottles with Cult Appeal
Did I share this last week? If not – it’s about “Garagistes” making very small scale (and often weird) wine. 

Which of the many Covid-19 changes to the wine industry will prove enduring?
Jason Haas on what will last (and what won’t). Virtual consumer tastings out, but virtual trade tastings still in. 


England – The New Champagne? 
Always interesting to learn about new. 

Master Sommeliers McCoy, Stuckey, Wilson & Sagaria Discuss the Controversy Within the Court of Master Sommeliers
A podcast for those who have been following the Master Sommelier controversy. 

Tasting every vintage of Esprit de Tablas Blanc and Esprit de Beaucastel Blanc, 2001-2019
Every winery, and the BC wine industry as a whole, if at all possible should be storing for vertical tastings like this. 

A book review of “The Goode Guide to Wine”
A mixed review of Jamie Goode’s latest book. 

Salad’s Not a Meal in California, Says ABC
You don’t need to read more than the headline. I guess salads aren’t a way to get around food and liquor laws in California. A good chuckle!

A promising new treatment against fungal diseases
It’s a giant robot. I love new technology, and a lot of these options will eventually be affordable and practical. But right now they crack me up. 

The Agony of Opening Your Favorite Wine
He’s overthinking it. The most expensive bottle I ever opened I had with Fatburger, eating on the floor of my furniture-less apartment, and loved it. 

‘First conviction’ over fake Bordeaux wines in China


See you Thursday,

Christopher Mark


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