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COVID-19 Update

Here at Vintality we hope you and your family, your staff, and friends are all safe and healthy. On our end, everyone is doing healthy and managing these changes well. 

It’s a challenging time for our industry and we’re supporting wineries and growers in a few ways. First, as much as possible our work has gone remotely, particularly helping with the upcoming season. 

A great dashboard for staying up to date on coronavirus can be found here: https://www2.deloitte.com/ca/en/pages/about-deloitte/articles/covid-dashboard.html

Second, we have begun hosting weekly Zoom calls to bring wineries, distributors, and wine shops together so we can support each other through this crisis. Our businesses are all experimenting and being able to hear from experts and each other is invaluable. 

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“Geology, landscape and soil are important factors that mediate the interaction between climate and the vine, especially soil water supply and nutrition.”

Our flagship product is our bioavailability soil sampling. 

But we provide a range of vineyard services, from EC soil conductivity surveys to petiole analysis. 

Once you view our work, it speaks for itself. Click here and you can view sample reports and maps. 

More than that, we work with vineyards to increase balance, quality, and sustainabilityi.

At Vintality we deeply care about helping vineyards produce the best possible wine. We believe this starts in the soil, where the plant gets almost all its nutrition. 

We saw a novel application of technology to viticulture and haven’t looked back. 

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